Talking TB is a multilingual patient support app intended for TB affected individuals and their families, healthcare providers, and health workers. Developed as a response to the needs of TB affected communities, this patient friendly app in 4 languages (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam) and intends to provide individuals and families with relevant information on various aspects of TB.

It is part of the larger programme टीबी पे चर्चा (Talking TB) and includes a set of patient education films and a patient support materials.

Our goal in launching टीबी पे चर्चा is to empower patients and their families to address TB effectively through information and support. As a survivor led initiative, we know that individuals and communities affected by TB often lack sufficient information on basic aspects of TB such as treatment, how to manage side-effects, nutrition and deal with stigma. Through this program, we aim to provide relevant information that is critical when it comes to dealing with TB.